Adventure couple session in Lac du Salagou

July 10, 2019


Lac du Salagou, France

Adventure Gael and Wendy’s couple session in the breathtaking Lac du Salagou was so wild. The lake Lac du Salagou is just hour away from Montpellier and is really picturesque spot for your next couple session.

Let me give you a bit of background…

Gael first reached out to me asking if I am available for adventure photo session with his girlfriend. Feeling quite shy he added that it is her birthday coming soon and that he would love to surprise her. In addition, he thought that it would be nice to have professional photos taken of them since they are few years together and still have empty photo albums.

Certainly, I was more than happy to accept his offer and get wild with these two sweethearts and started to plan with him all the details.

We had so much fun spending day driving, hiking and getting to know each other.  Gael and Wendy were such a dream to work with. In other words, they were playful and so natural in front of the camera, I could truly capture all the essence of their relationship. Moreover, they shared with me that after the session was over they felt even more connected and in love.

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Adventure couple session in Lac du Salagou

Adventure couple session in Lac du Salagou France

Adventure couple session in Lac du Salagou

gael and wendy couple love and connection

Let’s talk about location…

For the location we decided to go with Lac du Salagou as it is quite close to Montpellier and she hasn’t been there but always wanted.
Surrounded with heels and covered with red soil the nature around lake similarly looks like a Mars on Earth. Personally red combined with green vegetation is total color heaven for me. Indeed, the place was total winner because Wendy was thrilled with idea and concept.

couple photo session in Montpellier

Adventure couple session in Lac du Salagou


wild couple photo session in Montpellier

Couple connection advice…

I always like to say to my couples on the day of photo session to cancel anything else they planned for the day and just spend time together. What you can do together is to cook your favorite meal, take a bath, write ten things you love about each other or have a walk with your dog, for instance. In short, is so important to connect before the session as you can truly show me your love in front of my camera.

wendy birthday present

natural looking couple photo session

couple connection

birthday present ideas

green and red lac du salagou couple session

breathtaking spot for couple session in France

couple photo session in montpellier france