About Me
I am Croatian by passport but global citizen by heart. Nothing is better then to pack my luggage and fly somewhere new, explore places, people, food and cultures. I believe traveling is the best life teacher. I am a dreamer and I think that everything is possible, whatever you put your mind to. If you can imagine it you can achieve it.

I have a thing for photography because it makes me happy, it makes me more who I am.

I love to learn and grow, and you can always find me listening to some great podcast, taking courses and reading books. I think negativity should be avoided so I continue thinking positive and spread love and hugs wherever I go. I have special sense for details and colors and since I was little kid I always played, made stuff from nothing and expressed myself in creative ways. No wonder how life brought me to photography :). I love summer and sunny days, and for me ideal day is on the beach with my loved ones. I love great sense for style, fashion and beauty. I love all things creative and to be inspired by beautiful art. I’m such a dog person (sorry if you are cat person :)). I’m super lucky woman because I found my soulmate. He’s name is Jean and 5 years ago I left everything I know and decided to go and spend the rest of my life with him. On that note, I know what unconditional love is and how it feels, because of that I do what I do. With my camera I am capturing those love moments between two soulmates which becomes treasured memories that can be pass on for generations and cherish forever