About Me
I am Croatian by passport but global citizen by heart. Nothing is better then to pack my luggage and fly somewhere new, explore places, people, food and cultures. I believe traveling is the best life teacher. I am a dreamer and I think that everything is possible, whatever you put your mind to. If you can imagine it you can achieve it.

I have a thing for photography because it makes me happy, it makes me more who I am.

I’m super lucky woman because I found my soulmate. He’s name is Jean and 6 years ago I left everything I know and decided to spend the rest of my life with him. We got married this year and now I know emotional roller coaster you’ll go through and how much fun you’ll have on that special day. It passes so fast so make sure to enjoy every moment to the fullest and I am here for any help, advice or assistance you may need

I love to play, enjoy and have fun so I’ll be reminding you through the day on that and bring you simile and relief 🙂

I love to be creative and on the wedding day I challenge myself to be as much as open-minded, vulnerable, connected with you so I can bring my best and capture all your intimacy, hugs, smiles, tears, looks

I think negativity should be avoided so I continue thinking positive and spread smiles, love and hugs wherever I go

I actually started with fashion photography, so I learned to retouch my portraits and choose the best light for my models. Now I apply all my fashion knowledge to bring fashion flair in my wedding photography

I love anything boho, all the warm tones, sandy deserts and beaches, lots of flowers of any kind and dresses with lace. And if combined with luxurious details, you get me all on fire 😀

I love summer and sunny days, and for me ideal day is on the beach with my loved ones

If you want to bring your wedding to a next level, it’s always fun to use wedding sparkles or smoke bombs, to spice up your portraits

I’m such a dog person, but recently starting to be a cat person as well :)). I know how much you love your fluffy cute pets so why not to include them on your wedding day

I am hopeless romantic

I know what unconditional love is and how it feels. I dedicated my life to capture with my camera this love moments between two soulmates which becomes treasured memories that can be pass on for generations and cherish forever