Hi There, I'm Marina!

I am natural light destination wedding & portrait photographer based in the South of France (Toulouse) and Croatia (Zagreb). I am Croatian by passport but global citizen by heart. Traveling & diversity are my greatest source of inspiration, so I am more than happy to pack my luggage and meet you anywhere in the World. Few years ago I finally become brave enough to take photography to next level and from 2019 I am full time photographer. I have free, playful, pink spirit and my real addiction are colors. I truly need them to feel alive. I like to be lost in long deep conversations & people. I love to go out, dance and laugh a lot. I love fashion & beautiful details & summer days on the beach. When my body is tanned and I have blond highlights in my hair I feel mostly like myself. Driving bicycle through streets for hours makes me happy.

About Me
Growing up I learned to be doer and to put enough amount of work, bravery & consistency to make my dreams come true. I survived school by taking photos & making polymer clay jewellery & drawing and most recently digital illustrations (photo left). I've never really liked school but end up doing PhD in molecular biology. Crazy, I know! :D

At the end of high school I've picked up camera and since then I never put it down. I believe making photographs is what I was born to do.

I believe I found my soulmate. I met Jean in night club in Zagreb (yes, you can meet love of your life in club) and four days later I knew he was the one 😀 seriously! We barely spoke english at that time because he is french and I suck in languages 😀 but we understood each other perfectly. We are now 6 years together and last year we got married (top pic). He was like a wrecking ball, completely shaked my world and since then I am crazy about this guy! In short, I have two main passions, photography and Jean :D. He challenges me like nobody else and makes me better, more true to myself person. I love him more than anything in world ♥


I believe

laughing & dancing – the best medicine
people in love – the prettiest
traveling – greatest form of inspiration
never stop playing
perfection – boring & kills creativity
love – always win fear
confidence & self love – beautiful & crucial
be scared and do it anyway
colors can bring life
be free – try things – make mistakes – succeed
you can feel photographs
do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life
kind & honest people – my type of people


I can remember all movies or series I watched. TV can suck me and I get so much inside the story that if I want to be able to fall asleep I cannot watch horror movies. Sometimes I cannot sleep because I have so many creative ideas on my mind. But for most part I am sleeping like almost dead person :D/ Anyways, where I was… A yes :)! I am recovering perfectionist (all my Virgos will know what I’m talking about :D) & codependent and self love noobie. I consider friends as second family and more the family is growing the better it is. I’am city girl and 90s kid and this year I’m going to turn 30.


Some favourites

Movie – any from Luc Besson
Cartoon – Antz
TV series – The good place
Famous person – Lady Gaga
Music – electronic
Pet – dogs (golden retrievers & corgis)
Animal – birds (freedom)
Scent – fresh laundry & chanel mademoiselle
Era – vintage 70s
Plant – cactus (desert)
Flower – Peonies
Fruit – any besides durian
Water – ocean & from coconut
Destination – coast of south Portugal
City – Barcelona
Island – Koh Phangan


My life without making art & being creative would be meaningless. For anything I love to do I put all my soul, focus and myself inside and do my very best. I’m forever grateful and pleased for all the amazing humans I get to meet and make art together. Thank you for existing and thank you for giving me opportunity to be the artist for your most special day ♥


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