marina bousin photography

Hi There, I'm Marina!


I am natural light destination wedding & portrait photographer based in the South of France (Montpellier) and Croatia (Zagreb). Croatian by passport but global citizen by heart. Traveling & diversity are my greatest source of inspiration, so I am more than happy to pack my luggage and meet you anywhere in the World. Few years ago I finally become brave enough to take photography to the next level and from 2019 I am full time photographer. I have free, playful, pink spirit and my real addiction are colors. I truly need them to feel alive. I like to be lost in long deep conversations & people. I love to go out, dance and laugh a lot. I love fashion & beautiful details & summer days on the beach. When my body is tanned and I have blond highlights in my hair I feel mostly like myself. Driving bicycle through streets for hours makes me happy.

I believe

laughing & dancing – the best medicine
people in love – the prettiest
traveling – greatest form of inspiration
never stop playing
perfection – boring & kills creativity
love – always win fear
confidence & self love – beautiful & crucial
be scared and do it anyway
colors can bring life
be free – try things – make mistakes – succeed
you can feel photographs
do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life
kind & honest people – my type of people


Funny thing, I can remember all movies or series I watched. TV can suck me inside and I get so much into the story that if I want to be able to fall asleep I cannot watch horror movies. Sometimes I cannot sleep because I have so many creative ideas on my mind. But for most part I am sleeping almost like a dead person :D/ Anyways, where I was… A yes :)! Lately I feel like a recovering perfectionist (all my Virgos will know what I’m talking about :D) & codependent and self love noobie. Friends are like family to me. I’am city girl and 90s kid and this year I’m going to turn 30.


Some favourites

Movie – any from Luc Besson
Cartoon – Antz
TV series – The good place
Famous person – Lady Gaga
Music – electronic
Pet – dogs (golden retrievers & corgis)
Animal – birds (freedom)
Scent – fresh laundry & chanel mademoiselle
Era – vintage 70s
Plant – cactus (desert)
Flower – Peonies
Fruit – any besides durian
Water – ocean & from coconut
Destination – coast of south Portugal
City – Barcelona
Island – Koh Phangan


My life without making art & being creative would be meaningless. For anything I love to do I put all my soul, focus and myself inside and do my very best. I’m forever grateful and pleased for all the amazing humans I get to meet and make art together. Thank you for existing and thank you for giving me opportunity to be the artist for your special day ♥


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